Safe & Secure Recycling Programs for OEMs
Our offerings encompass a range of services from logistics to storage, processing, and recycling, ensuring a safe and secure environment throughout. We pride ourselves on safeguarding the Intellectual Property of our customers at every step, while simultaneously optimizing materials recovery and enabling end-to-end traceability.


Renewable Energy & Battery Total Recycling Management

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to address every challenge throughout the lifecycle of your renewable energy and battery assets. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering as we prioritize maximizing resource reuse and reapplication, facilitating closed-loop recycling processes to recover scarce and precious materials embedded within your assets, thus truly maximizing sustainability.


Qualifications & Assurance
All Re-Teck facilities are wholly owned and strictly adhere to premier global standards. With environmental accreditations, quality certifications and information security for you business and clients, we value your trust and will continue to provide world-class service and protection.


End-to-End Services

Reverse Logistic & Secure Storage

At Re-Teck, our established system through our certified partners gives you the power and peace of mind to track and access your assets on your schedule.

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IP Protection & Data Sanitization

In today’s world, the security of your Intellectual Property (IP), data and technology assets are vital to operations and success. Before processing any delivery, all brand identifiers will be removed, micro and macro processors will be wiped and complete data erasure verified to protect your property.

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Testing, Grading, Sorting & Parts Harvesting

Re-Teck specializes in the market valuation and optimal application of reclaimed components, parts and modules, which ensures the highest value recovery and maximum return of value to our customer’s business.
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Value Optimization

Re-Teck has established a global sales network and developed long-term relationships with more than 200 business customers worldwide. Partnering with us gives your company access to our network of suitable buyers to streamline sales and secure best pricing.
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Secure Destruction & Recycling

All of our client’s assets will be sorted and destructed securely and responsibly in a eco-friendly manner at Re-Teck’s facilities that promises a smaller carbon footprint and reduced emissions.
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Customized Online Order & Inventory Management System

Re-Teck’s consolidated statistic and intelligence reporting and tracking system was developed to provide you with tracking data and end-to-end transparency throughout the entire delivery process.
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Scale & Market Leadership

Since 2000
26 Facilities
4 Continents
20+ Countries
100+ Enterprise
100 million+
Devices per year
Global standardized
service platform