Maximize the lifecycle value of your investments

Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions


We offer reverse supply chain management solutions for original equipment manufacturer and enterprise customers in the Technology, Electronics and Telecom (TET) sector.

Our solution can maximize the lifecycle value of our customers’ investments in their global service infrastructure and supply chain assets; we are committed to evolve with our customers’ global markets and to help them achieve total value-chain optimization.

We provide complete RSCM solution for Post-Industrial Recovery (PIR) and Post-consumer Recycling (PCR) of electronics products & components in order to capture & optimize Asset Value Return along the Forward Supply Chain

Post-Industrial Recovery

We are capable to capture/recover the highest value of OEMs/manufacturer Post-Industrial assets via our end-to-end RSCM solution

Post-Consumer Recycling

Re-teck’s well established online take back/trade-in program enable OEMs to roll out post-consumer recycling program effortlessly & fulfil CSR.



Our team has a unique background in the world’s top Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). This expertise enables us to deploy the highest levels of technical sophistication in our solutions to ensure our OEM customers recover the highest value from their end-of-life assets.

We have an established global sales network and long-term relationships with more than 200 customers worldwide in the enterprise/B2B direct sales market, including Manufacturers, Repair Centers, System Integrators, Traders and Brokers.
With our solutions, the residual value of end-of-life assets will be optimized via our global re-marketing network—and we share earnings obtained from re-marketing with our customers.

A summary of Re-Teck’s end-to-end RSCM service capabilities of global facilities as below:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Electronics Recycling, Reclamation & Recovery
  • Certified Destruction and Scrapping
  • Parts Harvesting & Redeploy
  • RMA & Refurbishing
  • Re-Kitting & Redistribution
  • Liquidation and Remarketing
  • Post-Consumer Take Back/Trade-in programs
  • Enterprise IT Asset Management & Data Security
  • Telecom Equipment Recovery
  • Compliance Advisory
  • Cradle-to-cradle Engineering
    Plastics closed-loop recycling Program

Keys to Successful

Reverse Supply Chain Management Solution

EMS-level engineering knowhow and approach

Understanding and realizing the lifecycle value of components and products

Seeing the global hi-tech supply chain network from our OEM customers’ point of view

True worldwide coverage with local teams, wholly owned facilities and 100% control on compliance & security

Emphasis on information systems, knowledge-embedded SOPs and reporting tools

Online order-management system, consolidated global material flow and inventory/sales reports, data-mining and intelligence for SCM improvements

Total service for post-consumer take-back programs, compliance advisory and cradle-to-cradle closed-loop recycling

Continuous improvements on cost-reduction, sustainable PCR, EPR and Design For Recycle

We are your trusted global partner in the Reverse Supply Chain Management