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Re-Teck Celebrates Earth Day by Giving Away an Electric Car

DALLAS, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a leading electronic waste recycling company, is celebrating Earth Day at Flower Mound Elementary School in Texas, where they will launch their Recycle Avengers gaming app. Students, faculty and community members will learn about the harmful effects of electronic waste (e-waste) when used smartphones, computers and tablets are discarded in landfills. The Recycle Avengers […]

Recycle Avengers is Calling All Players to Download New Gaming App

Dallas, Texas – March 11, 2022 – Re-Teck, a leading electronic waste recycling company, announced that Recycle Avengers is now available for download in the Apple and Android stores. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor, countries produce over 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) annually.  In response, Re-Teck worked with high school students […]

Re-Teck Gaming App, Recycle Avengers, Seeks Sponsors to Help Educate About Recycling Through Interactive Learning

Dallas, Texas – Sept 27, 2021 – Re-Teck, a leader in E-Waste recycling, and Great Focus Inc., a Re-Teck subsidiary, are in the final stages of development for their gaming app that will be used to educate students and parents on the benefits of electronic recycling. Re-Teck partnered with global gaming developer Triodoxic Digital Studios […]

Re-Teck, a Leader in E-waste Recycling, Seeks to Save the Planet through Gaming

Dallas, Texas – August 6, 2021 — E-Waste recycling company, Re-Teck, announced the development of a new game that Great Focus Inc., a Re-Teck subsidiary, is creating to educate the public about the importance of recycling end of life electronics. Game concepts were created by high school students as part of a competition sponsored by […]

Re-Teck Launches Video Contest Encouraging Families to “Do Your Part to Save the Planet”

Dallas, Texas – June 3, 2021 – Re-Teck, a global network that repurposes, reuses, and recycles electronic equipment, wants to bring awareness to people around the world on how to help the environment—and you and your family could be the stars of this program. Re-Teck is launching the “Do Your Part to Save the Planet” […]

Re-Teck Empowers Wireless Carriers to Offer Successful Take Back and Recycle Programs as They Enter the New Year

Dallas, Texas – January 7, 2021 - Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, is partnering with wireless carriers and retail outlets worldwide as they prepare to manage the influx of used electronic devices after the holiday season when many consumers upgrade their phones, [...]

Re-Teck Set to Provide Wireless Carriers Support and Consultation Throughout Network Migrations

September 11, 2020 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management solutions, is reaching out to rural carriers responding to the Secure and Trusted Communications Act requiring removal and replacement of network equipment made by Huawei and ZTE. Re-Teck, a fellow Competitive Carrier Association (CCA) member, is providing free consultation […]

Re-Teck Collaborates with Carriers Over Zoom Lunches About Repurposing Equipment as They Continue 5G Deployment

July 22, 2020 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, announced they are partnering with wireless carriers who need to dispose of outdated equipment as they continue their deployment of 5G technology. Projections indicate that 5G networks will cover 40% […]

Re-Teck Explores Opportunity to Assist Brazil in Developing Circular Economy

June 17, 2020 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck executives met with Brazilian Senator, Luis Carlos Heinze, at the invitation and under the organization of the CEO, Luciana Figueras, of the Governmental and Institutional Relations Company “Tomorrow Gestão”, to discuss Project Bill 3592 and the opportunities it creates in advancing a circular economy within Brazil. Re-Teck, […]

Re-Teck, an Essential Business, Has Been Steadfast with Open Facilities to Support Their Customers Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and Is Now Providing New Innovative Solutions

DALLAS, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, is working closely with businesses as they create and execute their reopening plans after temporary slowdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses have experienced interruptions in their supply chain, Re-Teck’s global network […]

Re-Teck Recognized During Prestigious MEWAR Awards

January 6, 2020 – Dubai – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, was recognized as the “Electrical & Electronic Recycling Company of the Year” runner up during the prestigious Middle East Waste & Recycling (MEWAR) Awards.  The awards ceremony is hosted by the […]

Re-Teck’s “Queen of No Waste” Launches Awareness Campaign

December 12, 2019 – San Francisco, California – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, teamed up with The Time Group and Jewelry Designer, Mona Jain, to create and promote beautiful recycled technology pieces made in India. These pieces were showcased in a recent […]

Re-Teck Joins High Tech Experts at GITEX 2019 in Dubai

October 7, 2019 – San Francisco, California – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, has an international team participating in this year’s GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Representatives at the event include: General Managers, Business Development Managers and Corporate Executives from UAE, India, […]

Re-Teck Set to Exhibit at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a Member of Li Tong Group, will be exhibiting at the 39th annual GITEX Technology Week in Dubai on October 6-10, 2019. The event will host over 100,000 visitors from 140 countries and showcase over 4,800 exhibitors. Attendees will see mega trends come alive during the conference.  Re-Teck representatives from Dubai, India, Europe, Asia and the US will be on-site to […]

Re-Teck Offers Former Arrow Electronics Asset Disposition Customers an Option for Services

Global Asset Disposition Company with Facilities in California and Texas Offers Invitation to Help Former Arrow Customers  Dallas, Texas – July 25, 2019 – Re-Teck, a trusted partner in Reverse Supply Chain Management, Electronics Asset Disposition, and Data Sanitization, is offering services to help former customers of Arrow Electronics in the wake of Arrow’s announcement […]

City of Cedar Hill and Cedar Hill School District Celebrate Earth Day with Program to Eliminate E-Waste

April 23, 2019 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group, announced that the City of Cedar Hill and Cedar Hill Independent School District (CHISD) launched Recycle for a Cause in celebration of Earth Day. They recently partnered with Re-Teck to implement the recycling program which strives to educate and prevent […]

City and School District Come Together to Tackle Growing E-waste Problem

April 15, 2019 - Dallas, Texas - Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group, announced today that the City of White Settlement and the White Settlement Independent School District (WSISD) have partnered with Re-Teck to implement Recycle for a Cause. The program places recycling bins within local schools, businesses or organizations to collect used [...]

Re-Teck Selected by Rebuilding Our Heroes

February 25, 2019 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group with regional facilities in Grand Prairie, Texas; Milpitas, California and US headquarters in Redwood City, California, is a global market leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), enterprises, government, schools and consumers.  Re-Teck was selected […]

Re-Teck Chose Breda as Facility Location for the Western European Market

BREDA, Netherlands, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and one of the leading global reverse supply chain management solution providers, celebrated the opening of their first Dutch branch located in Breda. This expansion allows Re-Teck to cover the EMEA market with their Dubai, Vienna and the new Breda facility. Mr. Paul Depla, Mayor of Breda, was the […]

Re-Teck Participates with Industry Experts at CES 2019

DALLAS, Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Alok Sarsidharan, Director of Business Development, represented Re-Teck at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The annual technology show brings together more than 188,000 industry professionals representing some of the world’s largest technology companies and included more than 4500 exhibiting companies. Mr. Sarsidharan joined a panel of experts to discuss how IoT is being […]

Re-Teck Expands International Operations to Hai Phong City, Viet Nam

HAI PHONG CITY, Viet Nam, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a leader in reverse supply chain management solutions, announced their newest facility in Viet Nam as the most recent addition to their global network. Located in Hai Phong City’s Trang Due Industrial Park of Dinh Vu, Re-Teck’s facility is strategically nestled in the heart of North Viet […]

Re-Teck Featured in The Technology Headlines Magazine

November 21, 2018 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a subsidiary of Li Tong Group with regional facilities located in Grand Prairie, Texas, was recently featured in The Technology Headlines Magazine. The magazine reports on the latest trends and business ideas in retail, telecom, IT and healthcare. The magazine provides a platform where industry leaders and […]

Re-Teck Launches New Website to Showcase Innovative Solutions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a subsidiary of Li Tong Group, announces the launch of their newly designed website.  Visitors are invited to explore and engage the modern and user-friendly website which offers an extensive overview of Re-Teck’s service solutions, including Post Consumer Trade-in/Take-back programs. Users will enjoy the fully responsive site that highlights […]

Re-Teck Piques the Interest of Nonprofits with Their Recycling For A Cause Program

DALLAS, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a subsidiary of Li Tong Group with regional facilities located in Grand Prairie, Texas, joined over 450 individuals representing multiple nonprofit ministries across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for dinner last week. Re-Teck shared how their Recycling For A Cause program can help provide much needed funding for charities and special ministries like the […]

Recycling E-Waste: Elevating Recycling to the C-Suite

While today’s accelerated pace of innovation is resulting in an unprecedented proliferation of technological devices, there is also a concurrent shrinking inventory of the raw materials required to make them. This unprecedented bottleneck of raw materials is becoming a crisis on a global scale and represents an opportunity for manufacturers to innovate their logistics and […]

Beyond Shredding

How a ‘circular economy’ is already transforming consumer electronics LISA JOHNSTON Reduce, reuse, recycle: One company is providing a way for consumer electronics companies to plot a healthier path for device manufacturing, from early design to end of life and every step in between. Re-Teck, a subsidiary of Li Tong Group, engages and facilitates the […]

Re-Teck Design-for-Recycle advisory facilitates wisdom in electronics design and manufacturing

Technology engineering is just now catching up with circular economic thinking so new devices from global brands are greener, leaner and more economic, compliant and efficient. Smartphones, tablets, displays and PCs are being conceptualized, designed, prototyped, built — even rebuilt — with recycling front of mind so valuable components and raw materials that would otherwise […]

Platform uses one provider for all ITAM services

A global asset management company is rolling out a new consolidated end-of-life service platform for a major telecommunications company in Europe. Li Tong Group (LTG) intends to expand the service offering to U.S. clients in the future. LTG announced this month it is contracting with Veon, a telecommunications provider servicing a number of European and […]

Companies Partner to Recycle Telecom Infrastructure

Reverse supply-chain management company Li Tong Group (Hong Kong) is working with telecommunications and Internet provider VEON (Amsterdam) to manage its decommissioned infrastructure assets. The goal is to reuse or repurpose as much of the material as possible to maximize VEON’s return on investment, while also creating a model for telecom companies to improve product […]

Re-Teck Brazil receives R2 certification

The California-based subsidiary of Hong Kong-headquartered Li-Tong Group (LTG), Re-Teck, a global provider of reverse supply chain management (RSCM) solutions, has announced that Re-Teck Brazil, Sao Paulo, has been awarded the latest version of the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) certification, R2:2013. The R2 standard is designed to help ensure the quality, transparency and environmental and social responsibility of electronics recycling […]

ERI Co-Founder Kevin Dillon and Li Tong Group Share the Stage for Panel on Data Security and Reverse Management Solutions at IERC 2018

SALZBURG, Austria–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kevin Dillon, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer of ERI, the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste and the world’s largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, described the current state of electronics recycling and data destruction and how ERI has managed to continue its steady growth at the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC) 2018 […]

The evolution of ITAD

In January of 2017, Cascade Asset Management released a report that underscored a seismic shift taking place in the e-scrap industry. The Madison, Wisc.-based firm noted that on the one hand volatility in the commodities market had been continuing to put a damper on traditional recycling operations across the country. High-profile closures, increased scrutiny on […]

Global Reverse Supply Chain Company Supports a Circular Economy

Provides Technology and Engineering to Enable Companies to Shift Modelsnow. Here are some of the most compelling pieces of information we took away from those talks. Companies around the world are adopting sustainability initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy where resources, including components and materials, have […]

What we learned in the E-Scrap 2017 sessions

Flat-panel displays might not follow the CRT path. According to several experts involved in flat-panel display processing, collectors have already moved aggressively toward charging fees to accept LCD flat-panel displays, thus avoiding the financial straits seen several years ago when collection sites took in the heavy devices for free. Also, they noted there are 36 […]

Navigating Reverse Logistics in an E-commerce World

Most think of the supply chain as a forward-moving process with one end goal—getting product into the customer’s hands. But the growth of e-commerce and greater consumer awareness has created new challenges not only in moving a product forward but also backward. The days of a linear supply chain have long passed, making way for […]

Meet the Speakers: Linda Li, Re-Teck

E-Scrap 2017 kicks off in Orlando in less than two weeks, and we’re highlighting a few of the experts who will take the stage to share their insights. Linda Li This week, we talk with Linda Li, chief strategy officer at reverse supply chain management firm Re-Teck, to learn her thoughts on planning for and […]

Re-Teck Chief Strategy Officer, Linda Li, to Deliver Presentation on the Circular Economy at E-Scrap Conference 2017

SAN FRANCISCO–(Business Wire)–In a presentation that will mark the evolution in the sophistication and importance of the e-scrap ecosystem as it pertains to the circular economy, Re-Teck Chief Strategy Officer, Linda Li will be speaking at the E-Scrap Conference 2017 on September 20, 2017 in Orlando. Re-Teck is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Li Tong Group […]

Re-Teck Offers Sustainability with Cradle-to-Cradle Business Model

Reducing your company’s e-waste is good strategy, not just because of the halo effect, but because it also enables sustainable efficiencies that help you to offer your clients the best you can offer. Re-Teck provides the Reverse Supply Chain Management (RCSM) technology leadership and engineering expertise. This enables the technology community to capitalize on Cradle-to-Cradle […]

Re-Teck Harnesses C2C Business Model to Revolutionize Tech, Slash E-Waste

As circular business models begin to gain steam, a new strategic service is helping companies in the technology, electronics and telecom sectors uncover new ways to reuse, remanufacture and recover technological devices, while simultaneously turning costs into profits. Dallas and San Francisco-based Re-Teck provides companies with Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) technology and engineering expertise […]

The Last Mobile Phone Sold

SAN FRANCISCO – The average lifecycle of a mobile phone is 18 months before it is replaced by a better device with better capabilities. Even though these devices are still functional for much longer, the tech industry is constantly evolving, causing these devices to become outdated at a faster rate and eventually become obsolete. As […]

Re-Teck Opens Bay-Area HQ to Support Elevated Strategic Role of Reverse Supply Chain Management

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– – In a move to support the growing number of senior technology executives seeking to better execute a North America-based Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) strategy, Re-Teck announced the opening of its new headquarters in Redwood City, California. The move comes ahead of an expansion of the company’s Dallas-area RSCM facility, and […]

Post-Paris: As American industry assumes climate leadership from Washington, reverse supply chain becomes fundamental

SAN FRANCISCO, California June 5th, 2017 – With the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on June 1, 2017, US states, cities and businesses have reaffirmed their intent to abide by the principles and targets of the agreement. In doing so, these entities are elevating Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) — the process of […]

Predicted manufacturing return drives Re-Teck expansion

Reverse Supply Chain Management platform currently deployed by Global 500 brands A U.S. electronics disassembly and processing outlet is expanding with a new California flagship facility, spurred by anticipated growth in the domestic electronics manufacturing industry. Re-Teck, an IT asset disposition (ITAD) company, plans to open a new 50,000-square-foot facility in the San Francisco Bay […]

RE-TECK enables leading technology manufacturers with solution to challenges of take-back initiatives

Reverse Supply Chain Management platform currently deployed by Global 500 brands SAN FRANCISCO, California – Taking care of the considerable logistical, compliance and technological issues of deploying technology take-back initiatives can be a considerable barrier for brands seeking to do better. Re-Teck, the Dallas- and San Francisco-based leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) is […]