City and School District Come Together to Tackle Growing E-waste Problem


April 15, 2019 – Dallas, Texas – Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group, announced today that the City of White Settlement and the White Settlement Independent School District (WSISD) have partnered with Re-Teck to implement Recycle for a Cause. The program places recycling bins within local schools, businesses or organizations to collect used electronics and therefore prevents this harmful e-waste from being sent to the city dump. Currently, only 12.5% of e-waste is being recycled and now equates to 70% of the overall toxic waste in US landfills. Recycle for a Cause takes this potentially harmful waste, recycles and repurposes it for materials recovery. This program enables WSISD to use the funds raised from recycling for their technology programs.

When asked what drew his attention to the Recycle for a Cause program, Director of White Settlement Community Services, Richard Tharp commented, “We are always looking for ways to implement low cost-high impact recycling programs in our community, and Recycle for a Cause definitely fits that model by providing a positive way for people to conveniently dispose of these type items. In addition, recycling electronic devices and batteries has been a challenging area for us to successfully address. We are excited to be a part of recycling program that helps to reduce unnecessary landfill waste and the reduction of illegal dumping of toxic and e-waste items into our storm water system which directly feeds into the Trinity River.”

Mr. Tharp went on to explain why the city chose to partner with WSISD to address the e-waste recycling issue. “I would ask…what better way to impact the community than to partner with the WSISD to reach school-aged kids! The school district effectively reaches a much larger footprint in our community involving multiple cities; it seemed like an obvious solution for the program to succeed. Currently all of our pollution prevention programs involve reaching out to the classrooms, and the Recycle for a Cause program parallels those existing educational models. In addition, it provides a great fundraising opportunity to directly benefit the classrooms in the district,” noted Mr. Tharp. WSISD launched Recycle for a Cause during a student organized community-wide event, the Bear Bytes Technology Expo. There are currently three schools in the WSISD with recycle bins including Brewer High School, Brewer Middle School and Tannahill Intermediate School. View photos


WSISD Communications Director, Desiree Coyle, explained why Recycle for a Cause is not only a program being embraced by the school district but also by the entire community. “This gives our families and businesses a great opportunity to dispose of electronic items like laptops and cell phones they no longer use. This program helps save our environment, and it generates additional revenue for our schools.”


If your community or school district is interested in participating in Recycle for a Cause, please contact Darren Ferrar at 214.601.7074 or via email at darren.ferrar@re-teck.com. For more information on Re-Teck, visit www.re-teck.com.


About Re-Teck & Li Tong Group

Re-Teck is a member of Li Tong Group (LTG). LTG is the global market leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) solutions for OEMs, enterprises, government, and consumers for the reuse, remanufacture and recovery (3R) of both Post-Industrial Recovery (PIR) and Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) and hi-tech products and components including mobile devices, smart devices, big-data network and telecom equipment. In the past 18 years, LTG has developed a global network of 20+ wholly owned facilities across North America, APAC, EU, MEA and Latin America, which currently serves more than 100 customers and employs more than 1,200 people worldwide. It has an extensive patent portfolio for innovative methods and automated systems of digital processing and reclamation technologies.

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