During processing, all brand identifiers will be removed to protect Intellectual Property and to further ensure complete erasure on all electronic storage devices.

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Transport with serial locked and GPS tracking
Data Wipe
Physical Destruction

Secure Data Sanitization for HDD/Servers

To serve our customers’ requirements and different needs from various industries, we are dedicated to establish a total secure strategy that can be easily implemented to prevent potential data leakage during asset recovery and disposal.

Leader Data, a proprietary data sanitization software developed by Li Tong Group, can quickly and effectively perform data erasure across a wide range of devices without disturbing or damaging its operating system and ensure 100% data security.

With our engineering expertise and skills, we also offer a high level of technical sophistication in helping customers recover the highest value from their assets after data sanitization.
Our total solution takes care of all compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements for you right from the beginning.

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Re-Teck’s proprietary data erasure software meets these global standards:

  • NAID AAA Official Certification
  • National Association of Information
  • USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) data destruction methods and Department of Defense (DoD) 5220-22-M three-pass overwrite standards
  • ISO 27001:2005 on Information Security Management Systems
  • Recognized by ADISA

Secure Data Sanitization for SDD

Re-Teck’s workstation for SSD Data Sanitization

While most data sanitization software in the market can only erase data for HDDs and servers…

Leader Data is capable to provide data erasure for SSD which can work  with ALL SSD storage via SAS, SATA, M2, MSATA interface.

Secure Data Sanitization for Mobile Devices

Re-Teck has developed another proprietary data wipe software for Mobile Devices – MDW to ensure 100% personal data security of all functional mobile devices:

  • The software MDW is highly compatible to support iOS, android as well as blackberry
  • Capable of simultaneously erasing up to 30 devices at a speed as high as 25MB/s
  • Record details of each devices including device name & model, IMEI code and storage capacity, facilitate comprehensive post-erasure reporting

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