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Re-Teck Design-for-Recycle advisory facilitates wisdom in electronics design and manufacturing


Technology engineering is just now catching up with circular economic thinking so new devices from global brands are greener, leaner and more economic, compliant and efficient. Smartphones, tablets, displays and PCs are being conceptualized, designed, prototyped, built — even rebuilt — with recycling front of mind so valuable components and raw materials that would otherwise go to landfill are re-entering the supply chain in volume. Supporting...

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Platform uses one provider for all ITAM services


A global asset management company is rolling out a new consolidated end-of-life service platform for a major telecommunications company in Europe. Li Tong Group (LTG) intends to expand the service offering to U.S. clients in the future. LTG announced this month it is contracting with Veon, a telecommunications provider servicing a number of European and Asian markets. Under the agreement, LTG is providing recycling and refurbishment service,...

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Companies Partner to Recycle Telecom Infrastructure


Reverse supply-chain management company Li Tong Group (Hong Kong) is working with telecommunications and Internet provider VEON (Amsterdam) to manage its decommissioned infrastructure assets. The goal is to reuse or repurpose as much of the material as possible to maximize VEON’s return on investment, while also creating a model for telecom companies to improve product life cycles, LTG says. The project includes a supply-chain-management...

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Re-Teck Brazil receives R2 certification


The California-based subsidiary of Hong Kong-headquartered Li-Tong Group (LTG), Re-Teck, a global provider of reverse supply chain management (RSCM) solutions, has announced that Re-Teck Brazil, Sao Paulo, has been awarded the latest version of the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) certification, R2:2013. The R2 standard is designed to help ensure the quality, transparency and environmental and social responsibility of electronics...

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ERI Co-Founder Kevin Dillon and Li Tong Group Share the Stage for Panel on Data Security and Reverse Management Solutions at IERC 2018


SALZBURG, Austria--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kevin Dillon, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer of ERI, the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste and the world's largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, described the current state of electronics recycling and data destruction and how ERI has managed to continue its steady growth at the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC) 2018 in Salzburg,...

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The evolution of ITAD


In January of 2017, Cascade Asset Management released a report that underscored a seismic shift taking place in the e-scrap industry. The Madison, Wisc.-based firm noted that on the one hand volatility in the commodities market had been continuing to put a damper on traditional recycling operations across the country. High-profile closures, increased scrutiny on e-scrap export activities and CRT abandonments weren’t helping the industry’s...

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Global Reverse Supply Chain Company Supports a Circular Economy


Provides Technology and Engineering to Enable Companies to Shift Modelsnow. Here are some of the most compelling pieces of information we took away from those talks. Companies around the world are adopting sustainability initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy where resources, including components and materials, have extended lifecycles and can be re-used, re-manufactured, refurbished and...

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What we learned in the E-Scrap 2017 sessions


Flat-panel displays might not follow the CRT path. According to several experts involved in flat-panel display processing, collectors have already moved aggressively toward charging fees to accept LCD flat-panel displays, thus avoiding the financial straits seen several years ago when collection sites took in the heavy devices for free. Also, they noted there are 36 facilities currently processing cold-cathode fluorescent lamps in the U.S. “I...

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Navigating Reverse Logistics in an E-commerce World


Most think of the supply chain as a forward-moving process with one end goal—getting product into the customer’s hands. But the growth of e-commerce and greater consumer awareness has created new challenges not only in moving a product forward but also backward. The days of a linear supply chain have long passed, making way for a circular economy, where your supply chain’s reverse logistics are just as important as its forward...

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Meet the Speakers: Linda Li, Re-Teck


E-Scrap 2017 kicks off in Orlando in less than two weeks, and we’re highlighting a few of the experts who will take the stage to share their insights. Linda Li This week, we talk with Linda Li, chief strategy officer at reverse supply chain management firm Re-Teck, to learn her thoughts on planning for and embracing industry changes, and what a circular model for the electronics market means for reuse versus recycling. She’ll be speaking in...

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