Linda Li talks about the “Re” in Re-Teck


Host Ron Corning had the opportunity to sit down with Linda Li, Chief Strategy Officer for Re-Teck, to learn about the “Re” in Re-Teck. Viewers will learn the importance of repurposing, reusing and recycling electronics to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Linda Li explains that reverse supply chain management is what happens at the end of a product’s life cycle, as well as how buy back and trade in programs are allowing Re-Teck to harvest components to be repurposed or recycled. In the last 19 years, Re-Teck has grown to 25 facilities in 20 countries with over 2,000 employees worldwide. They have strategically located their facilities to work side-by-side with OEMs in the prototype and design stage to create what is called Design for Recycle. This ensures products are designed and manufactured in a way that components within the electronic device can be recycled.

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